Donn Kidd lives in Wisconsin where he operates a weed harvesting barge on Dane County lakes. Donn has been an Air Force brat, an art student, a toy designer, a fusion energy research mechanic and a data jockey studying the epidemiology of aging and the senses.

Donn’s artwork provides continuity and direction to his experience. His paintings playfully attach moments to moments and ideas to objects. These objects though entangled with humorous cognitive and perceptual errors remain saturated with a retinal attention to the tangible.

The work is of three types.

Science Candy: Are retinal confections used in navigating those currents, backwaters and gravity wells which submerge and transport us.

Character[istic]s: Are fun, perhaps overly cooperative archetypes.

The Magic Show: Suspends us between incomprehensible energies and a facade.